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Campus Police

your safety

Nothing is more important than your safety at VHCC. This is why we have campus police officers available on campus anytime classes are in session. Police officers are available to handle emergency situations, address campus safety issues, and assist with vehicle incidents on campus.

To contact campus police, call the campus police cell phone at (276) 614-8282 or the office phone at (276) 739-2448. The Campus Police office is located in room ISC 155.

You can also file an incident report online or file a Title IX complaint online.

Campus Safety

Students are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner conducive to the safety of all. Behavior considerate of the welfare of others will result in the maximum degree of safety on campus. Anyone recognizing possible hazard, should notify campus police, a member of our buildings and grounds staff, or, if appropriate, file a Safety or Hazard Report online. All visitors must register with the receptionist before going to any part of the campus. For the safety of children, students and visitors should not leave them unattended in the buildings or on the campus for any reason. More information can be found on the Campus Police website.

Code Adam

For the safety of children, students and visitors should not leave them unattended in the buildings or on the campus for any reason. The 2003 session of the Virginia General Assembly passed legislation mandating the implementation of a Code Adam policy and procedure in every building owned or leased in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The purpose of Code Adam is to prevent and/or find a lost or missing child or young adult. VHCC participates in project Code Adam.

Medical Emergencies

The Office of Campus Police located in ISC 155 is designated as the official emergency first aid station. All serious accidents and/or illnesses should be reported immediately to this office or the office of the Vice President of Financial and Administrative Services ADM 109A.

When emergency medical attention is needed, the Campus Police Officer or person in charge will call 911 to request emergency medical services and/or transportation to Johnston Memrial Hospital.

Students with specific health conditions or needs are encouraged to inform their counselor and instructors as applicable, to the extent such information may be helpful in case of accident or illness on campus. As a commuting institution, the College does not provide organized health services or infirmary facilities. It is expected that routine health care will continue to be a responsibility of the student and/or the family.


Ample parking space is provided for students attending Virginia Highlands Community College. Designated parking areas are provided for faculty, students, and visitors to the campus.

Student Right-To-Know

Institutions are required to provide to their current and any prospective student information on institutional policies regarding security procedures and campus law enforcement, as well as a description of programs designed to inform students about crime prevention. Statistical data concerning occurrence on campus of certain criminal offenses which have been reported to campus security authorities or local police agencies must also be disclosed. This information may be obtained from campus police or the Student Services Center. The VHCC Crime Report and other important information are located on the Campus Police website. The Campus Police makes available information on Campus Security Statistics, Emergency Response Plan, Emergency Procedures, and the Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct.

The college normally provides police officers, custodial services, and administrative support when classes are in session. After hours, maintenance and police officers are generally available on a round-the-clock basis and available by campus radio or cell phone.

The campus police department is responsible for enforcing all college security regulations and cooperating with appropriate local, state, and federal authorities. Uniformed campus police officers are duly sworn police officers and have full authority to act within the scope of their law enforcement responsibilities.

The VHCC Crime Awareness and Campus Security policies will be distributed to all current students and employees annually in orientation and in-service programs. These programs will be structured to encourage students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others and will offer information concerning crime prevention. The programs are offered on a regular basis throughout the year.

The campus police office will conduct fire or weather related drills every semester. This will keep you informed where to go and what to do in the event of an emergency. See Student Handbook for more information.

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