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菲尔站食品 Pantry

菲尔站食品 Pantry

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小时: M-Th: 8am-8pm; Friday and Saturday: 8am-5pm

The 菲尔站食品 Pantry opened in January 2020 in response to the increasing prevalence of food insecurity among college students. VHCC is a campus that cares about its students, and we want to provide students with resources that will support their educational journey and remove obstacles to degree completion. We are proud to be able to care for our students in such a meaningful way.

Since opening, the 菲尔站 食品分发处 has provided groceries, per儿子al hygiene, and infant care items to hundreds of students. 然而, hunger on campus has continued to rise and is a problematic trend facing many of our students at VHCC and other colleges. In addition to lasting, long-term effects on a student’s health and well-being, food insecurity also impacts retention and timely degree or certification completion. Simply put, students cannot thrive if their basic needs are not being met. Join us as we raise money to ensure all students have access to resources that support their success.

菲尔。 弗格森

菲尔·弗格森, 3月2日, 1983年1月15日, 2018, filled his 34 years with service to others and with creative output far beyond his years. 在这么小的年纪, he managed to have achieved legendary status among the many he served in the mountains and valleys of Southwest 维吉尼亚州, 他热爱的土地. 他是一个深受爱戴的人, 标志性的教授, 忠诚的丈夫, 儿子, 哥哥, 和朋友, and his service to others was inexhaustible. His quirky sense of humor and brilliant, humble mind served VHCC incalculably, but the 艺术的数组, the HOWL literary journal, the Wolf Grounds Coffee Shop, Creative Writing Day, and the VHCC’s Got Talent! show skim the surface of his contributions. His fingerprints are all over our campus and community; 菲尔。 was among the best friends VHCC will ever have, and his memory lives on in this food bank. Not only would 菲尔。 approve of this effort to provide food for our VHCC community, but he would have been building and stocking shelves. Let’s do that for him and our students.

~Patricia Tymon, Professor of English, VHCC

菲尔站 Assistance Request

The 菲尔站 offers free food, groceries and essential items to actively enrolled VHCC students experiencing food insecurity. Please fill out this form to request assistance.


By submitting this form, I acknowledge that gift cards issued by the 菲尔站 at 维吉尼亚州 Highlands Community College are intended to be used only for food, toiletries and other grocery essentials. I will not to use these cards in any way that is inconsistent with the purposes and policies stated in this agreement.

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