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信息 技术

Find Your Path In 信息 技术

With a wide range of programs, from 网络安全 to Web Design, the 信息 技术 pathways are your route to a successful career working with computers.


网络安全 is the study of how to protect computers and data from cyber attacks.  You need only to listen to the news to understand the value of 网络安全 specialists in today's society. 

The 网络安全 CSC qualifies for G3奖学金 资金.  

数据库 安全

Those pursuing a career in database security will learn measures used to secure database management systems from malicious cyber-attacks.


无人机。 技术

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that can be programmed or controlled remotely to gather information.  Frequently used in search and rescue operations, aerial videography, surveillance and traffic monitoring, drone operations may be useful in a variety of fields.

This one semester, career studies certificate prepares students to integrate remote pilot technologies into their existing field of study. 在完成, students will be able to take the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 licensure exam for unmanned pilots (drones).

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